No "Rhest" for the Wicked

Shy a party member, the group continues to travel north to the land of Rhest, in search of Elven allies to join in defense of the Vale from the on-coming Horde.

They encounter a dragon-like fiend, green in color, in the swamp of the Blackfens. The dragonspawn had slain a large owl-mount of the local Tiri-kitor Elves. The party, TinkerGnome, Meyva, and Eugene Chung battle the razorfiend/dragonspawn, as it ran around the battlefield slicing them with its razor-wings. After they defeated it, they cut it open and found a signet ring of a local elf. soon a group of elves fly in on their owls, take the party to their elf village. the elves will help with the defense of the Vale if the party goes to the ruin of Rhest to investigate a dragon siting there and other Horde activity. Titus must have stayed behind to hit on some elves.

They take a canoe to the lake and find a crumbling town hall, half submerged in the lake, that some Horde agents have occupied as their base of operations in the north vale. The party smartly used a Mist spell to conceal their approach on their canoe. They easily snuck up on ogre guards and dispatched them in a Silence spell. Then they encountered more ogres on the roof, killing two, but two more went to warn the other denizens inside the building. soon a large black dragon with a mean goblin rider flies out of the hole in the back of the roof, and starts attacking the group with acid breath and arrows from Saarvith, the Goblin wyrm lord! Chung and Meyva had some defenses against the dragon breath (evasion and protection from energy.) The dragon flew out to TinkerGnome, still back on the canoe, and flipped it over into the water. So the dragon flew around some more, recharging his breath weapon, and Saarvith peppered them with arrows. As the dragon is near death from Meyva’s searing light, and many shocking grasp through spectral hand spells, it flies away to lick its wounds. But TinkerGnome got his revenge and used spectral hand with vampiric touch to slay it. It crashed into the lake like the mighty Smaug.

Meanwhile, as this is going on, two more ogres come out to investigate, confident the dragon has dispatched the adventurers. They occupy Meyva, but Eugene Chung decides to explore the other building. Big mistake as a mother razor-fiend/dragonspawn is there protecting her many eggs. It immediately attacks Chung and slays the injured monk with its nasty razor wings – marking the end of the daring Eugene Chung! TinkerGnome moves over to help and is also slain. Meyva bravely stands her ground and kills the last ogre and the razorfiend. She then uses the Staff of Life on TinkerGnome and they limp back to the Elf village.



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