What to do Next?

After the defeat of the Green Dragon at the Skull Gorge Bridge, & convincing the townsfolk of Drellin’s Ferry to evacuate, Titus decided on a course of action, leading the party north to they mysterious “Saarvith” spot on the map, near the ancient city of Rhest, in the northern part of the Elisir Vale. They have heard rumors of a Horde road block on the Rhest Trail. Also, rumors of an elf clan in the north were heard and remembered. Also, Titus convinced Cpt Sorana Anitah of the Drellin’s Ferry Guard to send messengers to the southern towns about the advancing hoard.

Traveling east on the Dawn Way ahead of the refugees, the party encountered a wagon that was being robbed by a band of goblins and two giant Ettins. Easily slaying them, they discovered three coffers with much gold and a note – this is payment for Cpt Ervath Helmbreaker of the Shining Axe Company, in Hammerfist Holds, a dwarven stronghold 2 days ride south. After much debate, and trying to intimidate a local innkeeper to deliver the gold, the Party decided to deliver it to Hammerfist Holds themselves. Worried about keeping ahead of the hoard, the Adventurers made a good decision, as the Shinning Axes are known to be strong soldiers, who will aid the Vale (with payment of course.)

Then the Adventures traveled north to the ruin of Rhest. They encountered a few more random goblin and hobgoblin patrols. The largest being the roadblock they were informed of by the Lion Guard rider back in Drellin’s Ferry. This roadblock was a make-shift fort, manned by a few hobgoblins and ogres. No problem for these mighty warriors! Some rogue-like sneaking by Tinker-Gnome scouted out the fort, and his Unseen Servant opened the door, allowing for the slaying to begin.

On to the Ruin of Rhest next!



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