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After finding a map in a small dwarven mine, the party journeyed to Brindell, a town near the ancient dwarven fortress of Kundrukar. There is rumored to be treasure and ancient dwarven crafted weapons by the late master smith Durgedin.

The party encountered many orcs, ambushing them from arrow slits in the secret caverns. Titus and TinkerGnome bravely crossed a dangerous rope bridge to engage orc archers. After clearing this level of the dungeon, the party encountered the Great Ulf, and Orge with two pet wolves! He nearly crushed the skull of Eugene Chung, the Monk.

Many encounters later, they came upon an iron door, but needed the key. They journeyed to a lower level, over a dangerous underground river, and encountered a very snarky and hungry Ranging Roper. This nasty beast wanted a fresh snack, craving the Gnome or his kitty. He warned the party not to fight and to just give him a snack, but monsters are for killing. During the very dangerous encounter, TinkerGnome sacrificed his kitty, while trying to cast shocking grasp through his trusty familiar. Unbeknownst to the Gnome, the Roper was immune to electricity and the kitty, Schimitty, met a gruesome death. TinkerGnome is dealing with the pain, as is Eugene Chung, again brought to the brink of death, saved by the heroics of flame, trident, and cleric sword magic.


I hope Schmitty gets reincarnated. It will probably take all of the treasure we have earned so far to do it, though.

The Forge & Fury

We can do that. I’ll find the random reincarnate table. Maybe he can come back as a female Gnome.

The Forge & Fury

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