RHOD part II

Been a few weeks since the happenings but here goes:

Party adventured to Vrath Keep. Titus went to check out the dilapidated shack nearby, collapsing it and alerting the RHOD forces inside the keep. A big bru-haha ensued, with many goblins, wargs, hobgoblins, and a manticore all fighting the PCs. The Ranger Follower went down to the onslaught of arrows from the hobgoblins. Tinkergnome light the thatch roof of the stables on fire from his cover on top of the keep battlement. After dispatching the Manticore quite easily, the leaders of the keep came out of their rooms to make battle with these intrepid adventurers! The party easily defeated the bugbear sorcerer and his minotaur body-guard and hobgoblin monk assistant.

The group then found a map showing the RHOD Horde’s plan to ransack the countryside and conquer the Eliser Vale! Armed with this information, the PCs plan to head north to further explore the ROHD machinations.



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