Red Hand of Doom - part 1

The Party journeyed to the Elisir Vale, met Lord Jarmarth in Brindol. He told them of Vraath Keep and the rumors of a horde forming in the Wyrmsmoke Mountains to the west.

The Party journeyed to Drellin’s Ferry & were ambushed by Hobgoblins east of the town!
After a nasty battle, they made it to the town of Drellin’s Ferry and met with town leaders, who implored them to investigate. And to seek out the woodsman Jarr.

Meeting the surley old Jarr, they went into the Witchwood and had a battle wih a 6 headed Hydra! Of course Eugene Chung was first to investigate the monster in the swamp. The martial characters pounded the body of the hydra, not attacking the heads. But while the Hydra was busy attacking Titus and Chung, TinkerGnome finished it off with a shocking grasp through his new Spectral Hand spell.

Titus found the ancient trident of Jarr’s father stuck in the flank of the Hydra. Jarr has given it to Titus to put his father’s weapon to good use.

to be continued….



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