Forge & Fury - The Foundry

After defeating the Duregar leader Nimria, the party ventured to the northern part of the Foundry. They found a secret door from Nimria’s room. This led to chambers haunted by the Undead! A nasty shadowy Allip, a dwarven priest in life, had gone insane during the orc invasion of Kundrukar. He had created undead to combat the Orcs, but at the cost of his sanity. Now, a mysterious Allip, his insane babble attempted to hypnotize the party. He was not tough enough to hang with Eugene Chung and the Cleric of Heironius easily turned the allip.

The PCs then encountered Idalla the Succubus, and luckily the Gnome TinkerGnome entered the room first, as he was not to be entranced by some human woman. No characters would fall for the mysterious comeliness of the beautiful woman, not allowing her to ensourcel them with a kiss. so now free from her binding spell, she vanished in to thin air with an evil cackle!

The Party then went to pursue the Allip and were surprised by many weak skeletons and they defeated all the undead. Next up was an Orc Champion, now a scary wight, who the party also defeated, but not before he grabbed the face of the cleric, draining a level and clawing her face!

Next the party rested and were ambushed by the duregar’s friend Minotaur! He ambushed them in their sleep, nearly skewering the cleric. Luckily Tinkergnome is good with shocking grasp!

Then the Party ventured in to the cavern overlooking a big waterfall. and found an iron ladder leading very far down. So they decided instead to go to the forge, where a hammer on anvil has been ringing constantly the entire time on this level. They found waiting for them 3 duregar – one a wizard with his ironman guardian. The Dueregar told the intrepid adventures to leave – just go down the ladder and there is a way out. After much debate on strategy (seriously it was a long time) they decided to rock the house! After a nasty combat with Titus and the Iron-man and Eugene Chung throwing the blacksmiths’ sword into the river, they defeated the evil Dwarves!

The duregar wizard, Snurrivn surrendered, begging for his life. He told them the party there is a dragon below the waterfall. The Party has decided to tie him up and lower him down the ladder. Will they commence with this nefarious plan?


yes, we will commence with that plan!

Forge & Fury - The Foundry

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