Forge and Fury - Finale - or Who fights a dragon 1-1 in the water?

So the party decided to lower their Duregar prisoner down to the dragon’s lair. He was tied up, screaming for mercy. They lowered his struggling body down down down. Then after awhile, they heard a desperate plea – then the lowd crunch of teeth snapping on bones. Then a slithering sound going into water.

So TinkerGnome and Eugene Chung crept as quietly as they could down the later and on to the rock ledges near a large underground lake in the cavern, home to the very young black dragon Nightscale! Nightscale saw these two intrepid adventurers the entire time. As Tinker Gnome and Eugene Chung were deciding what course of action to take, Nightscale poked his head above the water and breathed his deadly acid at Eugene Chung! – but he miraculously evaded the blast – thanks to his special monk reflexes!

The rest of the party quickly hurried down the later to join the fray. As the Gnome prepared some spells, the insanely brave Eugene Chung dove into the lake to take on the dragon single-handedly! So the dragon and the monk fought underwater in a mighty struggle of strength. The dragon decided to grapple with the monk, nearly dragging him down to his death. But the monk had a trick up his sleeve – a potion of water breathing! (Why Eugene did not drink this before diving in to the lake is a mystery best left to mystics at the monastery), but with a couple of really difficult dexterity and strength checks, the mysterious Chung was able to get to his potion and drink it, even underwater, before drowning.

Next Mayva cast her very handing Spiritual Weapon and the Gnome pounded the dragon with Magic Missiles from his wand. Titus decided he better swim out there and help out Chung. Luckily Titus wears only chainmail and is a good swimmer. Nightscale was hurting at this point and he decided to flee. Both Titus and Chung got in some parting shots. Near dead, the dragon decided to flee back to his hoard on the island in the lake and drink a potion of healing. The Party pursued the dragon but he fled into the water. The Gnome wisely had his Dancing Lights ability and put them to good use lighting up the water. So Nightscale decided to use his acid breath on the fighter this time, corroding him good with a nasty blast!
But this was his final assault. All party members rolled exceptionally well and made good use of their spells and equipment. On the last stand for the dragon, Titus executed the killing blow on the dragon’s head, piercing it with his trident, dragging the carcass out of the water.
Much treasure was looted and bargained. Perhaps most importantly, they found a crystal ball with a message in it – a frightening scene depicting a large blue hobgoblin and a bugbear sorcerer with a message to Nightscale to join the Red Hand Horde – the Kulkor Zhul – People of the Dragon – and destroy the Elisir Vale! Titus and Mayva instantly recognized the Elisir Vale as the place of their births. Mayva in the city of Brindol, Titus in Drellin’s Ferry!
So the party exited the halls of Kundrukar, back to the town of Blasindell to tell the townsfolk they need not fear the orcs of Kundrukar anymore. Then they hastened west to the Elisir Vale and the larger city of Dennovar to trade some goods and magic to prepare for the journey ahead – to save the Elisir Vale from the Red Hand of Doom!

ps: TinkerGnome met some Druids who reincarnated his famed familiar, Smitty the Cat! The return of Smitty!



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