Red Hand of Doom part III

Brian vs the Dragon

Red Hand of Doom part III – the Skull Gorge Bridge

What is it with you guys taking on dragons in single combat?

So the Party ventures north to the Wyrmsmoke Mountains to do some recon on the goblin horde that has been terrorizing the countryside.

They come out of the forest to a clear area about 60’ that then drops off into the Skull Gorge. There is a big stone bridge spanning the deep chasm. The bridge has 4 guard towers, two on each end. Rhe near towers are each manned by a hobgoblin. There is a hell hound on the near end of the bridge as well. The far towers are each manned by a hobgoblin, but the on the northwest tower is perched a mighty green dragon!

The Adventurers decide to hide in the woods so the dragon will not notice them, but the hell-hound sniffed them out. He is a dog after all. They easily dispatched of the hobgoblin sentries, with Eugene Chung and Titus dashing up the towers slaying the sentries, while TinkerGnome and Meyva dealt with the hell hound.

Then the mighty green dragon was upon them, planting himself right in front of TinkerGnome and Meyva, he breathed his noxious fume on them! TinkerGnome runs away (with his running feat no less.) Then Titus jumps down form the nearby tower and lands on the dragon’s back, piercing the dragon’s hide with is might trident! So of course he wants to hang on to the beast with his trident sticking in the dragon’s hide, providing a nice handle. The dragon is injured at this point, so he flys back to his tower to get a healing potion, taking attacks of opportunity on the way. The dragon takes Titus for a ride, getting stabbed by the fighter’s back-up weapon short sword. While flying, the dragon slams Titus into the bridge, but he still manages to hang on! (I gave him opportunity to jump on the bridge, but no.)

Meanwhile, the rest of the hobgoblins warband and another hell hound have crossed the bridge and Chung and Meyva deal with them, scattering a few hobgoblins of the bridge with Spiritual Weapon and Kung-fu a leg sweep!

A mortal combat ensues with Titus and the Dragon, with Titus bravely slaying the beast, nearly at the cost of his reckless life!



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