A Gathering of Adventurers


The party is forming. Who will make up this band of adventurers?

A fighter named Titus, wielding a mighty trident!
A cleric of Heironious named ??
A tricky Gnome Sorcerer named TinkerGnome

The party met with the town leader, Trindel, and were given the mission to recover a lost shipment of food for the winter. They encountered some dead guards, slain by Orcs and a human sorcerer. The PC slew them and follewed the tracks to a small dwarven cavern.

The clever Gnome disguised himself as an Orc, gaining surprise entrance to the cavern. Their the party easily dispatched of a lot of orcs, a ghoul, a nasty choker, and the Cleric of Wee-Jas. There was a secret dwarven clue -filling the hole in the floor with liquid that lead to a secret chamber with a map to Khundrukar.



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