No "Rhest" for the Wicked

Shy a party member, the group continues to travel north to the land of Rhest, in search of Elven allies to join in defense of the Vale from the on-coming Horde.

They encounter a dragon-like fiend, green in color, in the swamp of the Blackfens. The dragonspawn had slain a large owl-mount of the local Tiri-kitor Elves. The party, TinkerGnome, Meyva, and Eugene Chung battle the razorfiend/dragonspawn, as it ran around the battlefield slicing them with its razor-wings. After they defeated it, they cut it open and found a signet ring of a local elf. soon a group of elves fly in on their owls, take the party to their elf village. the elves will help with the defense of the Vale if the party goes to the ruin of Rhest to investigate a dragon siting there and other Horde activity. Titus must have stayed behind to hit on some elves.

They take a canoe to the lake and find a crumbling town hall, half submerged in the lake, that some Horde agents have occupied as their base of operations in the north vale. The party smartly used a Mist spell to conceal their approach on their canoe. They easily snuck up on ogre guards and dispatched them in a Silence spell. Then they encountered more ogres on the roof, killing two, but two more went to warn the other denizens inside the building. soon a large black dragon with a mean goblin rider flies out of the hole in the back of the roof, and starts attacking the group with acid breath and arrows from Saarvith, the Goblin wyrm lord! Chung and Meyva had some defenses against the dragon breath (evasion and protection from energy.) The dragon flew out to TinkerGnome, still back on the canoe, and flipped it over into the water. So the dragon flew around some more, recharging his breath weapon, and Saarvith peppered them with arrows. As the dragon is near death from Meyva’s searing light, and many shocking grasp through spectral hand spells, it flies away to lick its wounds. But TinkerGnome got his revenge and used spectral hand with vampiric touch to slay it. It crashed into the lake like the mighty Smaug.

Meanwhile, as this is going on, two more ogres come out to investigate, confident the dragon has dispatched the adventurers. They occupy Meyva, but Eugene Chung decides to explore the other building. Big mistake as a mother razor-fiend/dragonspawn is there protecting her many eggs. It immediately attacks Chung and slays the injured monk with its nasty razor wings – marking the end of the daring Eugene Chung! TinkerGnome moves over to help and is also slain. Meyva bravely stands her ground and kills the last ogre and the razorfiend. She then uses the Staff of Life on TinkerGnome and they limp back to the Elf village.

What to do Next?

After the defeat of the Green Dragon at the Skull Gorge Bridge, & convincing the townsfolk of Drellin’s Ferry to evacuate, Titus decided on a course of action, leading the party north to they mysterious “Saarvith” spot on the map, near the ancient city of Rhest, in the northern part of the Elisir Vale. They have heard rumors of a Horde road block on the Rhest Trail. Also, rumors of an elf clan in the north were heard and remembered. Also, Titus convinced Cpt Sorana Anitah of the Drellin’s Ferry Guard to send messengers to the southern towns about the advancing hoard.

Traveling east on the Dawn Way ahead of the refugees, the party encountered a wagon that was being robbed by a band of goblins and two giant Ettins. Easily slaying them, they discovered three coffers with much gold and a note – this is payment for Cpt Ervath Helmbreaker of the Shining Axe Company, in Hammerfist Holds, a dwarven stronghold 2 days ride south. After much debate, and trying to intimidate a local innkeeper to deliver the gold, the Party decided to deliver it to Hammerfist Holds themselves. Worried about keeping ahead of the hoard, the Adventurers made a good decision, as the Shinning Axes are known to be strong soldiers, who will aid the Vale (with payment of course.)

Then the Adventures traveled north to the ruin of Rhest. They encountered a few more random goblin and hobgoblin patrols. The largest being the roadblock they were informed of by the Lion Guard rider back in Drellin’s Ferry. This roadblock was a make-shift fort, manned by a few hobgoblins and ogres. No problem for these mighty warriors! Some rogue-like sneaking by Tinker-Gnome scouted out the fort, and his Unseen Servant opened the door, allowing for the slaying to begin.

On to the Ruin of Rhest next!

Red Hand of Doom part III
Brian vs the Dragon

Red Hand of Doom part III – the Skull Gorge Bridge

What is it with you guys taking on dragons in single combat?

So the Party ventures north to the Wyrmsmoke Mountains to do some recon on the goblin horde that has been terrorizing the countryside.

They come out of the forest to a clear area about 60’ that then drops off into the Skull Gorge. There is a big stone bridge spanning the deep chasm. The bridge has 4 guard towers, two on each end. Rhe near towers are each manned by a hobgoblin. There is a hell hound on the near end of the bridge as well. The far towers are each manned by a hobgoblin, but the on the northwest tower is perched a mighty green dragon!

The Adventurers decide to hide in the woods so the dragon will not notice them, but the hell-hound sniffed them out. He is a dog after all. They easily dispatched of the hobgoblin sentries, with Eugene Chung and Titus dashing up the towers slaying the sentries, while TinkerGnome and Meyva dealt with the hell hound.

Then the mighty green dragon was upon them, planting himself right in front of TinkerGnome and Meyva, he breathed his noxious fume on them! TinkerGnome runs away (with his running feat no less.) Then Titus jumps down form the nearby tower and lands on the dragon’s back, piercing the dragon’s hide with is might trident! So of course he wants to hang on to the beast with his trident sticking in the dragon’s hide, providing a nice handle. The dragon is injured at this point, so he flys back to his tower to get a healing potion, taking attacks of opportunity on the way. The dragon takes Titus for a ride, getting stabbed by the fighter’s back-up weapon short sword. While flying, the dragon slams Titus into the bridge, but he still manages to hang on! (I gave him opportunity to jump on the bridge, but no.)

Meanwhile, the rest of the hobgoblins warband and another hell hound have crossed the bridge and Chung and Meyva deal with them, scattering a few hobgoblins of the bridge with Spiritual Weapon and Kung-fu a leg sweep!

A mortal combat ensues with Titus and the Dragon, with Titus bravely slaying the beast, nearly at the cost of his reckless life!

RHOD part II

Been a few weeks since the happenings but here goes:

Party adventured to Vrath Keep. Titus went to check out the dilapidated shack nearby, collapsing it and alerting the RHOD forces inside the keep. A big bru-haha ensued, with many goblins, wargs, hobgoblins, and a manticore all fighting the PCs. The Ranger Follower went down to the onslaught of arrows from the hobgoblins. Tinkergnome light the thatch roof of the stables on fire from his cover on top of the keep battlement. After dispatching the Manticore quite easily, the leaders of the keep came out of their rooms to make battle with these intrepid adventurers! The party easily defeated the bugbear sorcerer and his minotaur body-guard and hobgoblin monk assistant.

The group then found a map showing the RHOD Horde’s plan to ransack the countryside and conquer the Eliser Vale! Armed with this information, the PCs plan to head north to further explore the ROHD machinations.

Red Hand of Doom - part 1

The Party journeyed to the Elisir Vale, met Lord Jarmarth in Brindol. He told them of Vraath Keep and the rumors of a horde forming in the Wyrmsmoke Mountains to the west.

The Party journeyed to Drellin’s Ferry & were ambushed by Hobgoblins east of the town!
After a nasty battle, they made it to the town of Drellin’s Ferry and met with town leaders, who implored them to investigate. And to seek out the woodsman Jarr.

Meeting the surley old Jarr, they went into the Witchwood and had a battle wih a 6 headed Hydra! Of course Eugene Chung was first to investigate the monster in the swamp. The martial characters pounded the body of the hydra, not attacking the heads. But while the Hydra was busy attacking Titus and Chung, TinkerGnome finished it off with a shocking grasp through his new Spectral Hand spell.

Titus found the ancient trident of Jarr’s father stuck in the flank of the Hydra. Jarr has given it to Titus to put his father’s weapon to good use.

to be continued….

Forge and Fury - Finale - or Who fights a dragon 1-1 in the water?

So the party decided to lower their Duregar prisoner down to the dragon’s lair. He was tied up, screaming for mercy. They lowered his struggling body down down down. Then after awhile, they heard a desperate plea – then the lowd crunch of teeth snapping on bones. Then a slithering sound going into water.

So TinkerGnome and Eugene Chung crept as quietly as they could down the later and on to the rock ledges near a large underground lake in the cavern, home to the very young black dragon Nightscale! Nightscale saw these two intrepid adventurers the entire time. As Tinker Gnome and Eugene Chung were deciding what course of action to take, Nightscale poked his head above the water and breathed his deadly acid at Eugene Chung! – but he miraculously evaded the blast – thanks to his special monk reflexes!

The rest of the party quickly hurried down the later to join the fray. As the Gnome prepared some spells, the insanely brave Eugene Chung dove into the lake to take on the dragon single-handedly! So the dragon and the monk fought underwater in a mighty struggle of strength. The dragon decided to grapple with the monk, nearly dragging him down to his death. But the monk had a trick up his sleeve – a potion of water breathing! (Why Eugene did not drink this before diving in to the lake is a mystery best left to mystics at the monastery), but with a couple of really difficult dexterity and strength checks, the mysterious Chung was able to get to his potion and drink it, even underwater, before drowning.

Next Mayva cast her very handing Spiritual Weapon and the Gnome pounded the dragon with Magic Missiles from his wand. Titus decided he better swim out there and help out Chung. Luckily Titus wears only chainmail and is a good swimmer. Nightscale was hurting at this point and he decided to flee. Both Titus and Chung got in some parting shots. Near dead, the dragon decided to flee back to his hoard on the island in the lake and drink a potion of healing. The Party pursued the dragon but he fled into the water. The Gnome wisely had his Dancing Lights ability and put them to good use lighting up the water. So Nightscale decided to use his acid breath on the fighter this time, corroding him good with a nasty blast!
But this was his final assault. All party members rolled exceptionally well and made good use of their spells and equipment. On the last stand for the dragon, Titus executed the killing blow on the dragon’s head, piercing it with his trident, dragging the carcass out of the water.
Much treasure was looted and bargained. Perhaps most importantly, they found a crystal ball with a message in it – a frightening scene depicting a large blue hobgoblin and a bugbear sorcerer with a message to Nightscale to join the Red Hand Horde – the Kulkor Zhul – People of the Dragon – and destroy the Elisir Vale! Titus and Mayva instantly recognized the Elisir Vale as the place of their births. Mayva in the city of Brindol, Titus in Drellin’s Ferry!
So the party exited the halls of Kundrukar, back to the town of Blasindell to tell the townsfolk they need not fear the orcs of Kundrukar anymore. Then they hastened west to the Elisir Vale and the larger city of Dennovar to trade some goods and magic to prepare for the journey ahead – to save the Elisir Vale from the Red Hand of Doom!

ps: TinkerGnome met some Druids who reincarnated his famed familiar, Smitty the Cat! The return of Smitty!

Forge & Fury - The Foundry

After defeating the Duregar leader Nimria, the party ventured to the northern part of the Foundry. They found a secret door from Nimria’s room. This led to chambers haunted by the Undead! A nasty shadowy Allip, a dwarven priest in life, had gone insane during the orc invasion of Kundrukar. He had created undead to combat the Orcs, but at the cost of his sanity. Now, a mysterious Allip, his insane babble attempted to hypnotize the party. He was not tough enough to hang with Eugene Chung and the Cleric of Heironius easily turned the allip.

The PCs then encountered Idalla the Succubus, and luckily the Gnome TinkerGnome entered the room first, as he was not to be entranced by some human woman. No characters would fall for the mysterious comeliness of the beautiful woman, not allowing her to ensourcel them with a kiss. so now free from her binding spell, she vanished in to thin air with an evil cackle!

The Party then went to pursue the Allip and were surprised by many weak skeletons and they defeated all the undead. Next up was an Orc Champion, now a scary wight, who the party also defeated, but not before he grabbed the face of the cleric, draining a level and clawing her face!

Next the party rested and were ambushed by the duregar’s friend Minotaur! He ambushed them in their sleep, nearly skewering the cleric. Luckily Tinkergnome is good with shocking grasp!

Then the Party ventured in to the cavern overlooking a big waterfall. and found an iron ladder leading very far down. So they decided instead to go to the forge, where a hammer on anvil has been ringing constantly the entire time on this level. They found waiting for them 3 duregar – one a wizard with his ironman guardian. The Dueregar told the intrepid adventures to leave – just go down the ladder and there is a way out. After much debate on strategy (seriously it was a long time) they decided to rock the house! After a nasty combat with Titus and the Iron-man and Eugene Chung throwing the blacksmiths’ sword into the river, they defeated the evil Dwarves!

The duregar wizard, Snurrivn surrendered, begging for his life. He told them the party there is a dragon below the waterfall. The Party has decided to tie him up and lower him down the ladder. Will they commence with this nefarious plan?

The Forge & Fury
A blog for your campaign

After finding a map in a small dwarven mine, the party journeyed to Brindell, a town near the ancient dwarven fortress of Kundrukar. There is rumored to be treasure and ancient dwarven crafted weapons by the late master smith Durgedin.

The party encountered many orcs, ambushing them from arrow slits in the secret caverns. Titus and TinkerGnome bravely crossed a dangerous rope bridge to engage orc archers. After clearing this level of the dungeon, the party encountered the Great Ulf, and Orge with two pet wolves! He nearly crushed the skull of Eugene Chung, the Monk.

Many encounters later, they came upon an iron door, but needed the key. They journeyed to a lower level, over a dangerous underground river, and encountered a very snarky and hungry Ranging Roper. This nasty beast wanted a fresh snack, craving the Gnome or his kitty. He warned the party not to fight and to just give him a snack, but monsters are for killing. During the very dangerous encounter, TinkerGnome sacrificed his kitty, while trying to cast shocking grasp through his trusty familiar. Unbeknownst to the Gnome, the Roper was immune to electricity and the kitty, Schimitty, met a gruesome death. TinkerGnome is dealing with the pain, as is Eugene Chung, again brought to the brink of death, saved by the heroics of flame, trident, and cleric sword magic.

A Gathering of Adventurers

The party is forming. Who will make up this band of adventurers?

A fighter named Titus, wielding a mighty trident!
A cleric of Heironious named ??
A tricky Gnome Sorcerer named TinkerGnome

The party met with the town leader, Trindel, and were given the mission to recover a lost shipment of food for the winter. They encountered some dead guards, slain by Orcs and a human sorcerer. The PC slew them and follewed the tracks to a small dwarven cavern.

The clever Gnome disguised himself as an Orc, gaining surprise entrance to the cavern. Their the party easily dispatched of a lot of orcs, a ghoul, a nasty choker, and the Cleric of Wee-Jas. There was a secret dwarven clue -filling the hole in the floor with liquid that lead to a secret chamber with a map to Khundrukar.


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